Hair Restoration

TED is an innovative procedure that uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive hair signal molecules past our protective layer of skin down to the dermis, providing needle-free and pain-free hair restoration (no surgery needed!).

TED Hair restoration

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Hair loss can be a devastating experience for any individual, especially if it happens over time. But now there's Alma TED Hair Restoration – a revolutionary treatment that has been proven to be effective in restoring healthy hair with natural-looking results. This innovative procedure uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate hair growth and strengthen existing follicles. Since the process is non-invasive, no cutting or stitching of the scalp is required.

The Alma TED Hair Restoration process begins with a consultation appointment where an experienced practitioner evaluates your condition and determines the best approach for treating your specific needs. During this initial consultation you will discuss your desired outcome and how many treatments are necessary to achieve it. Once all details are settled, a customized plan is developed specifically for you.

At the start of each treatment session, the practitioner uses a device to deliver radiofrequency energy to targeted areas on the scalp where hair restoration is desired. This energy stimulates existing follicles and helps to promote new growth by increasing blood circulation in the area. In addition, this process strengthens existing hairs, making them healthier and more resilient.

The entire Alma TED Hair Restoration procedure is generally painless and can be completed in less than one hour depending on the patient's individual needs. Afterward there may be some temporary redness or swelling in the treated area, but this should subside within a few hours after treatment. Patients report an increase in their confidence levels as soon as they notice results from their procedures.

Overall, Alma TED Hair Restoration provides a safe and effective solution for restoring healthy hair without the need for surgery or other invasive techniques. With the right plan tailored to each individual's needs, patients can expect natural-looking results that will last for years to come. If you're struggling with hair loss, this advanced technology may be able to help you regain your confidence and look your best again.  

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