Beautiful, healthy, smooth skin is something that many people desire regardless of their age. At MDspa Las Vegas, we are committed to helping our clients achieve this goal by providing exclusive access to innovative anti-aging treatments and customized skincare solutions. Our team of trained professionals stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry to offer you the most effective services.

Tattoo Removal Service

tattoo removal

At MDspa, we are proud to offer tattoo removal with ClearLift. ClearLift is a laser treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to remove tattoos from the skin. This safe and effective method will have you on your way to clear skin in no time.

Tattoos are permanent and can be difficult to remove without the proper equipment or technique. The traditional technique for removing tattoos involves applying heat or chemical solutions directly onto the area being treated. However, these methods can be painful and may cause discoloration or scarring in some cases. Therefore, they are not recommended as an option for those looking to safely and effectively remove tattoos from their body.

ClearLift is the perfect solution because it does not involve applying any heat or chemicals onto the skin. Instead, it uses a specific wavelength of light to break down the pigments in tattoos. This allows us to effectively remove tattoos without causing any damage to the surrounding area, thus eliminating any risk of scarring or discoloration.

Scar Removal

clearlift technology

MDspa has recently added ClearLift Scar Removal to their list of services. This is a revolutionary new way to treat scars with minimal downtime and risk compared to other scar removal treatments. The procedure uses high-intensity light energy to target the affected area, breaking down the scar tissue and helping it blend in with your natural skin tone. It is an incredibly effective way to reduce the appearance of existing scars as well as prevent future scarring from occurring.

At MDspa, they use state-of-the-art technology for ClearLift Scar Removal treatments that deliver fast results. During the treatment, a handheld device will be placed over your skin and pulses of light energy targets areas affected by scars or discoloration. These pulses stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which results in skin that is more elastic and supple. This helps to reduce the appearance of existing scars as well as prevent future scarring from occurring.

The treatment is ideal for those who have scars caused by acne, surgery, trauma or burns. It can also be used on stretch marks and other types of discoloration. Unlike many scar removal treatments, ClearLift Scar Removal requires no incisions or general anesthesia - meaning it is virtually painless and has zero downtime. Additionally, this type of treatment offers a fast recovery time with most people noticing visible results after just one session!

Skin Tag Removal

skin tags

At MDspa Las Vegas, we understand how frustrating skin tags can be. These small, benign growths are often found on the neck, underarms, and eyelids and can be difficult to remove without professional assistance. That's why we offer skin tag removal services using the advanced ClearLift technology.

Our team at MDspa Las Vegas is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best, so let us help you achieve your skincare goals with our skin tag removal services using ClearLift.  We are committed to providing exceptional care and results for all of our clients. Say goodbye to unwanted skin tags and hello to a radiant, confident you.